Cristina’s Spiritual Journey to India

Discover India Through Spiritual Eyes


*Flight to and from India not included in the price.

Journey with me from september 22 th to october 5th as we explore Rishikesh, himalayas, Agra (Taj Mahal), Varanasi and Delhi.

Embrace the Spirit of India: A Sacred Journey

Journey with us to the heart of India, where the spiritual essence of the land intermingles with rich traditions and ancient wisdom. Experience the transcendent magic of Rishikesh, the magic essence of the Himalayas, Agra (Taj Mahal), Varanasi and Delhi, each location holding tales of time, mysticism, and devotion. Dive deep into the rhythm of life as we explore holy temples, meet local ascetics, and immerse ourselves in rituals that have been practiced for centuries.

Guided by Cristina, this sojourn is meticulously crafted to provide an intimate, transformative experience, ensuring you feel the vibrancy and spirituality of India in its most authentic form. Whether you’re seeking spiritual growth, cultural immersion, or simply a unique adventure, this journey promises memories that will last a lifetime.

Step into a world where every scent, sound, and sight is an invitation to explore deeper. Let’s embark on this sacred journey together.

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If you have any queries or need further details about this spiritual journey, Cristina is here to help. Schedule a meeting with her via Google Meet to get all your questions answered.



Gateway to Spiritual Serenity

  • Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is a tranquil haven.
  • A sacred destination for seekers of inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.


Sanctuary of Sacred Devotion

  • Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, the sacred Kedarnath temple is a symbol of steadfast devotion and spirituality.

  • Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, this ancient Hindu temple is not only a pilgrimage destination but also a testimony to India’s rich cultural heritage.


Symbol of Eternal Love

  • Home to the timeless white marble mausoleum, the Taj Mahal.
  • An emblem of universal love and Muslim artistry.


The holy city also known as Kashi & Benaras.

  • Renowned for its fine silks, Ghats by the Ganges, and the Benares Hindu University.
  • A haven for Hindu pilgrims and a gateway to moksha.


Spiritual Harmony & Heritage

  • Capital that echoes with tales of bygone eras and spiritual quests.
  • Home to the grand Akshardham Temple and the serene Gurudwara Bangla Sahib.
  • A journey through India’s rich tapestry of culture and faith.

Our Unique Experiences

  • Visit centuries-old temples & ashrams.
  • Meet authentic spiritual masters, monks and other high spiritual beings.
  • Visit Vedic astrologers and Ayurvedic doctors.
  • Dine with the locals.
  • Chating sessions.
  • Engage in heartfelt prayers and rituals.
  • Immerse in the scent of sandalwood paste and fragrant incense sticks.
  • join Yoga, meditation and pranayama (breathing) classes.
  • Photoshooting in saree or other indian clothes.








  • 22 September (1 day): Arrival Delhi & Connecting flight to Rishikesh. Rishikesh sightseeing
  • 23 September (2nd day): Visit Swami Nityananda, Bharat temple and Triveni ghat Aarti
  • 24 September (3rd day): Kunjapuri and Vasishta cave, evening Sivananda ashram
  • 25 September (4th day): We travel from Rishikesh to Guptkashi
  • 26 September (5th day): Morning trek to Kedarnath. Have darshan at Kedarnath temple. Overnight staying
  • 27 September (6th day): Trek down from Kedarnath to Phata
  • 28 September (7th day): Travelling from Phata to Rishikesh
  • 29 September (8th day): Ayurvedic consultation. Free day: massage, shopping
  • 30 September (9th day): Flight Rishikesh to Varanasi. Varanasi overnight stay
  • 1 October (10th day): Morning boat ride, darshan at Vishwanath temple. Afternoon visit Sarnath
  • 2 October (11th day): Morning yoga in the ghat, silk handmade, Aarti
  • 3 October (12th): Travel to Agra and overnight stay
  • 4 October (13th day): Visit superb Taj Mahal, drive to Delhi. Sightseeing
  • 5 October (14th day): Drop at delhi airport. Fly back to Romania full of gratitude

Your Journey Package (€2,050) Includes:


  • 3 and 4-star hotel stays (twin-sharing) with breakfast.
  • 4 Domestic flights and high quality air-conditioned taxis (includes all destinations & airport transfers).
  • Tourist visa
  • Entrance fees of the places we will visit.
  • Fees for private Hindu rituals (puja).
  • The services of local guides.
  • Boat trips
  • Yoga, meditation and pranayama (breathing) classes


Does not include

  • medical travel insurance  (but help can be provide if necessarily)
  • Tips for drivers and guides approximately 3,4 euros/day (not mandatory, but recommended)


Note: Flight ticket costs (around €800 – €1000) are separate.


Reserve Your Sacred Journey to India

  • Price: €2050 (excluding flight)
  • Limited to 12 spots.

To secure your place:

  • An advance of €500 (to be paid in euros).
  • Note: Flights are not included in this price. You will need to book your flight separately.

Complete the form below to reserve your spot:

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Note: Any changes to the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances will be communicated in advance.

❤️ With much love, Cristina

Disclaimer: Local events or other unforeseen circumstances may lead to minor adjustments in the itinerary.

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Have Questions about the Journey?
If you have any queries or need further details about this spiritual journey, Cristina is here to help. Schedule a meeting with her via Google Meet to get all your questions answered.

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